Did you buy Nilmore® clothing from one of our partners and want to return it to us for recycling? Perfect! You can return it to us at one of our Nilmore® Circular Points (collection points throughout central Europe), in our showroom or by post.
Nilmore Circular Point

Return through Nilmore® Circular Point

Nilmore® Circular Points are collection points where you can take our clothes for recycling, and we will take care of the rest. All you have to do is wash the clothes you want to return, take them to the chosen place and hand over this completed form.

You can currently find Nilmore® Circular Points in 10 cities, and we are constantly expanding this network. See map below.

Notice: Nilmore® Circular Points are only used to return used clothing for recycling, not for exchanges, returns, etc. To exchange products or complaints, please contact the seller from whom you purchased the product from Nilmore® material. Thank you.

Which Nilmore® Circular Point is closest to me?

Return by post

Return by post

If all of our Nilmore® Circular Points are too far away from you, you can mail us the products for recycling at your own expense or at the expense of the seller where you bought the clothes.

How to do it:

    • Fill out this form
    • Pack the washed clothes together with the completed form.
    • Choose a carrier and send the package to us.

Then just wait for your gift for returned products from the seller where you bought the returned product.