When we started developing circular clothing, we were looking for a material that was perfectly recyclable. We found that apart from nylon, which was not very suitable for leisure clothing, there is no such material.

That's why we've been inspired by other industries and we developed NILPLA® fabrics. The material of the future of the fashion industry was created. NILPLA® fabrics have 98% lower water footprint compared to cotton and 59% lower CO2 emissions compared to polyester.

What is the NILPLA® material?

NILPLA® is circular polylactide (PLA). It is a bio-based material made from corn or sugar cane. The yield of this material per 1 hectare is 8 times higher than that of cotton.

Its production alone requires far less water and energy compared to other textile materials. At Nilmore®, we have further reduced its environmental impact through recycling.

More about circularity

NILPLA clothes

Textile properties

In addition to the mentioned ecological properties, the NILPLA® material excels in its lightness, breathability and easy maintenance. It is pleasant on the body and thanks to its hypoallergenicity, it can be worn by people with sensitive skin. In addition, the production of fabrics and their dyeing takes place under strict certification Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

On hot summer days, the material also provides effective protection against UV rays and, thanks to its high thermal conductivity, it has one magical property -it cools in the summer and warms in the winter (this effect is even twice as high as the wool).

It is also very easy to take care of clothes made of NILPLA® material. Thanks to its quick-drying capabilities (3x faster than cotton), you don't have to use a dryer. Just hang it for a few hours and you're done. The clothes are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also very practical for everyday life and a sustainable lifestyle.

NILPLA fabric
More circular materials coming soon

NILPLA® material is the first circular textile material that we have developed. However, we are working hard on development. We already have fully validated circularity for other materials that we will be launching soon. Our vision is to bring various circular solutions not only to the clothing industry, but also to other industries. We believe that the circular economy is a way to put humanity and nature back into harmony.