Cotton is one of the most used and at the same time most ecologically demanding textile materials. The production of one T-shirt consumes 2 700 litres of water, a large number of chemicals, and releases more than 4 kg of CO2 emissions. At Nilmore®, we reduce these impacts of cotton to a minimum. We have developed the NILCOTT® material, which is a cotton that is 100% molecularly recyclable. In addition, it already has 50% recycled material at the beginning or is fully GOTS certified.
nilcott recycled

_NILCOTT® Recycled

NILCOTT® Recycled is material made of cotton with the highest content of recycled cotton. It contains 50% recycled cotton, the rest consists of organic cotton. We designed our products from NILCOTT® Recycled material to be 100% recyclable.

nilcott organic

_NILCOTT® Organic

Material NILCOTT® Organic consists of 100% GOTS certified cotton. GOTS certification is one of the mos strictest certification for natural materials, which covers the entire process of clothing production - from the cultivation of cotton itself, through its processing, fabric production to final sewing. At the same time, this material is fully recyclable at the end of its life thanks to its unique molecular recycling technology.


Clothes in which you and our planet will feel comfortable

NILCOTT® material has the same quality as a classic cotton. It don't need any special treatment or special care. Every kilogram of recycled NILCOTT® material saves 14 740 litres of water, 23 kg of CO2 emission, 56 kwh of energy, 1,1 kg of chemicals a 10,5 m2 of soil.

How to return the clothes for recycling?