Are you looking for environmentally friendly textiles for your corporate or promotional clothing? At Nilmore®, we will sustainably dress all your employees from administrative staff to those in production and give you a certificate of how many emissions you have saved thanks to circular textiles. We will advise on the selection of the circular materials and suitable cut, fine-tune all the accessories, make the clothes and add your company's logo or print or embroider anything you want.

At Nilmore®, we dress companies sustainably!


_why get dressed with us?

We produce 100% circular clothing that, thanks to circularity, has the lowest environmental impact on the planet. How does circular clothing work? You return the clothes to us after wearing them, we fully recycle them and make new ones. In this way, no waste is created, we save our valuable planet's resources, and within the production and waste phase, our circular textile achieves up to 75% lower carbon footprint compared to polyester and up to 98% less water use compared to cotton. Thanks to circular textiles, you can improve your company's social responsibility, comply with the Green Agreement and successfully fulfil the Sustainable Development Goals.

We dress companies sustainably and according to their ideas

_who we have already dressed

Rainbow Run 2022

For the Rainbow Run, we ensured the production of 6,000 circular T-shirts. This is the largest Czech event that combines running, music and charity. As one of the first Czech festivals, they decided to take a greener path – they reduce packaging, and single-use plastics and introduce circular textiles! At any time after the race, the participants can return the t-shirts to us, we will recycle them and make new ones from them.


We dressed the employees of the Moravian-Silesian Innovation Center in circular polo shirts with the company logo.


We supplied corporate clothing for a one of the biggest czech bank.


Dress up your business circularly too!

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