It all starts in the seas, in landfills and in factories, from where polyamide waste is obtained in the form of fishing nets, carpets, production waste or industrial scraps. By recycling this waste, we create the CIRPAD material, a 100% recycled and at the same time 100% recyclable fabric with the same properties as its conventional variant from fossil sources.
Polyamidové rybářské sítě

_from ocean waste to circularity

CIRPAD material is one of the strongest and most durable textile materials ever. We can recycle it again and again without losing its quality and without raw material resources. Thanks to this, we reduce the impact of this material on global warming by 70% compared to its production from fossil fuels. The water footprint of this material is 86% smaller.

CIRPAD polokošile

_circular loop of polyamide waste

Polyamide waste is obtained and recycled in Italy by our partners who hold the GRS certificate (Global Recycled Standard). This certification verifies and monitors the amount of recycled content in products. We manufacture fabrics and clothing here in the Czech Republic. As soon as we have enough products or production waste to recycle, we send waste for recycling to our partners in the Czech Republic. The recycled material then goes back to us and we use it to make new CIRPAD fabrics and clothes.