Nilmore® makes your products circular and sustainable thanks to new innovative
NILPLA® material gained from renewable resources. Be zero waste, climate-friendly
and fossil free.

NILPLA® material is 100 % recyclable and its carbon footprint is 86 % lower in
comparison to polyester and the water footprint is 98 % lower in comparison to
cotton. Once the products are worn out they can be returned via Nilmore® Circular
System and then fully recycled to new products. Again and again...
That means you can create and buy new products without ever having to use new
resources. Let your textile change lives.


What we can offer to you

NILPLA® material has a broad range of applications. Clothing, accessories, home textiles, covering, bedding. We will be happy to do anything with you, no matter what kind of textile you focus on.


Let’s join our forces and make the world a better place

Contact us at, and we will figure out how we can help each other. We look forward to hearing from you.