Our journey began with consternation. We were horrified by what a simple thing like buying clothes causes us and our planet. At the same time, we did not like the current solutions and products that are green only on the hangtag. That's why we set ourselves the goal of doing something about it. And so we founded Nilmore®.
Nilmore T-shirt

We have started a collaboration with people who care about nature as much as we do, and after several years of research and development, we have managed to accomplish something amazing - we create fully circular clothing. We are entering the fashion market with completely new and circular textile material with the lowest environmental impacts across all leisurewear.

The founder Mikuláš Hurta

We intend to be a real sustainable brand and give customers certainty. The certainty that every purchase changes the world for the better. We are far from achieving that goal of our journey but we move forward every day. Important steps await us, and at the same time, we continue our development activities.


2018 Nilmore® was founded
2018-2020 Development of NILPLA® textiles and its recycling
2019-2020 Production of prototypes and their validation
2020 Verification of recycling at the industrial level

Nilmore® clothing launch

Finalist of the Creative Business Cup 2021

1st place at GreenLight 2021

Finalist of the Vodafone Idea of the year 2021

1st place of the S Brand – the most sustainable brand of 2021

1st place Sustainable startup of 2021

2021-2022 Development of other circular materials
2022 Launch of other circular materials